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Tom Crean faces: A definitive top 10

The official, mathematically calculated ranking of the best Crean faces in the contemporary era of Crean faces.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The following *article* was published prior to Northwestern's 2015 Big Ten Tournament second round game against Indiana. With the Wildcats heading to Bloomington Saturday to take on the 25th-ranked Hoosiers, it is once again timely and relevant. Also, TOM CREAN FACES WILL ALWAYS BE TIMELY AND RELEVANT. LONG LIVE TOM CREAN (AND HIS 5-8 RECORD AGAINST NORTHWESTERN).

Tomorrow, Northwestern takes on Indiana at the United Center in the second round of the Big Ten Tournament. But first, there's business to attend to. Today is Tom Crean Day here at Inside NU. It may or may not become an official holiday, but that's a matter to sort out over the offseason.

Later in the day, our Ben Goren will have some Pulitzer Prize-worthy investigative reporting on the many faces of Tom Crean. To help commemorate the day though, we've also compiled a list. Because c'mon, everybody loves lists. Here is arguably, but not very arguably, the most important list of all time. The top 10 Tom Crean faces captured by a camera (though I imagine there have been many better ones not captured), in descending order:

10. "Oh, c'mon, another one of these lists?"

Photo: ESPN

9. "You're saying we should play defense? Nah, that's crazy talk."

Crean No. 10

Photo: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

8. When you're willing to fight because you know you have five-star recruits and your opponent doesn't

Photo: Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

7. Hey, that's not Tom Crean!

7. On the prowl

Photo: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

6. When Tre Demps splashes a 3 in Yogi Ferrell's face

Photo: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

5. "What!?!?! I have the best center in college basketball and I'm losing to... Minnesota!?!?!?!"

Photo: BTN

4. Weird tongue picture No. 1

3. Weird tongue picture No. 2

Photo: ESPN

2. When Seth Greenberg starts speaking Mongolian

Photo: ESPN

1. When Shon Morris starts talking about how Northwestern is going to beat Indiana

Photo: BTN