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Northwestern vs. Indiana Press Conference Notes and Quotes

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Tom Crean, Chris Collins, Bryant McIntosh and Alex Olah had to say after the game:

Collins announced Northwestern would not be accepting a bid to the CBI.

- Crean called Cobb over before he exited the floor to say something to him. He said he told Cobb he had a great career, and was impressed with the way he dealt with injuries and the coaching change. "He handled himself extremely well."

- Collins says he just thanked the seniors when they came off the floor. "It's not easy midway through their careers to have everything upended... I thanked them for their belief in me and my staff."

- Collins says he wants Drew Crawford, Sobolewski and Cobb to feel like they've laid the foundation.

- Crean: Forget just young coaches, "Chris [Collins] is one of the best coaches around." He mentioned that Collins has had a great upbringing as a coach, and has learned a lot from great coaches.

- Collins: "They're physicality knocked us back." He mentioned offensive rebounding and points in the paint.

- Collins: "I don't know if it was just a little bit of jitters, but we had a hard time getting going. We didn't move the ball."

- Collins: "The thing I love about the locker room afterwards was, it was an emotional locker room. That's how you know it was a good year." He says everybody was hugging each other.

- Collins: "We've got to make the jump." Collins says with the players he has coming back, and with a whole offseason to improve, next year is the year. "This is a huge offseason for our program. We've got to get a lot stronger. We've got to get a lot tougher. It's a huge growth summer."

- McIntosh says Indiana did a great job of forcing guards coming off ball screens to the baseline.

- Olah on Indiana: "They just crashed the boards so hard. It was hard for us to keep up with their athleticism."

- Collins: "I think we're closer today than we have been [before]" to the NCAA Tournament. "The future is great."

- Collins: "The finality of the college season is crazy emotional."

- Collins says he addressed the bickering between Lindsey and Demps in the huddle, and called it "a teachable moment."

- Collins said this year was "more how I like to play" when talking about how the offense was better, but says NU has a lot of improving to do on the defensive end.

- Collins: "If everybody doesn't see that the arrow is pointing up with our program, I don't know what they're watching."

Full quotes from Collins, McIntosh

- Collins: "I'm looking forward to getting these guys a little bit of rest, and then we've got to get to work. We've got to make a jump. It's time going into next year. We'll have a lot of key guys back, and it's time for us to make a jump, and a lot of that is going to be predicated on what we do here in the off‐season."

- McIntosh: "The physicality of the game got ramped up for the Big Ten Tournament. It was much different than in the season, and I think that's one thing that as a whole we can do better at is we can get in the weight room and get prepared for this next season with this game. It kind of showed us where we need to go."