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Northwestern Basketball Practice Notes: March 2

Dave Sobolewski, Jershon Cobb and Jeremiah Kreisberg talk about the upcoming Senior Night and what's next for them after their basketball careers at Northwestern are finished.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

–Jershon Cobb said, "I'm ready to play. These fans have been through a lot with me. I want to show my appreciation and play my last night." Though Coach Collins said, "he's still questionable," he later said he was going to start Cobb and Dave Sobolewski, a senior who ranks sixth in the school's history with 329 assists.

–Cobb sees a lot of promise with the current freshmen class, calling it "incredible" to be able to see their growth this year. "These guys grew up a lot. It's like I got front row seats to see their growth."

–This will be Kreisberg's second Senior Night. He sat out last year at Yale's Senior Night due to injury but has thoroughly enjoyed his time here. "At this point last year, I wasn't sure I'd ever even play again. I was injured on Senior Night for my Yale career so to be able to play a full season at a place like this has been everything I've ever wanted, and a lot more actually."

–Kreisberg hopes to continue to watch Alex Olah grow next year and maybe make it to the NBA as he watches him from Israel, where he has dual citizenship and is hoping for a contract to play professionally.

–Sobolewski's favorite memory from his time at Northwestern? "Beating Michigan State my first year when they stormed the court was a lot of fun, they were No. 6 at the time." He even remembers his first shot in his first game, against University of Texas Pan-American. "It was in the short corner on the far baseline, a pull up going left. It went in."

–Sobolewski is grateful for the time he has spent here and thinks that he has learned to be a leader at Northwestern. "It's been a long ride but I feel very blessed to be where I'm at and these last four years have really shaped who I am today, and they'll shape how my future will end up so I'm thankful for my opportunity and I'm looking forward to a special celebration on Tuesday night."

–All three seniors have friends and family coming to the game. Cobb's parents, aunt and grandma will be in attendance, while Kreisberg's dad and brother will be making the trip from California. Sobolewski will also have people in attendance. His family will be making the trip, along with friends from other colleges and colleagues from his new job at a New Jersey-based hedge fund.

–Collins feels it's on the non-seniors to help the seniors get going on Senior Night because it will be an emotional game for them. "If the other guys can be there for them and help them get along and get started, then once the game gets going, you find yourself getting in the flow of the game."