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Northwestern-Michigan Final Score: Northwestern beats Michigan in double overtime

On Senior Night, the Wildcats miraculously forced overtime, miraculously forced double overtime, and then won.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES BECAUSE I CERTAINLY DO... I also believe in carpal tunnel syndrome after rewriting this post about 10 times. But anyway, here's the Rapid Reaction.

ALEX OLAH... took over the game in the second half and provided the only consistent offense the Wildcats had all night. During one stretch during in the second half, he scored 6 straight points and 10 of Northwestern's 14. Olah dominated the second half, and Northwestern was at its best when they fed him the ball on every single possession.

It was great to see... JerShon Cobb playing. You could tell how much it meant to the senior to be out on the court. He drained three threes, shot over 50 percent from the floor and provided some toughness, grabbing eight rebounds. He may not be 100 percent healthy but, boy, he can shoot it and he's a fighter. Collins mentioned at practice that a healthy Cobb would have equated into a few more wins over the course of the year, and we saw that on full display tonight. It must have been that feature I did on him yesterday...

Let's not forget... what an incredible game that was. My goodness, what a game. There's not much else to say. It had everything a basketball fan could have wanted: shot-making, a great atmosphere, and unbelievable drama. Both teams gave it their all. It was intense. It was fun. And (amazingly) it was a win.

Well that was... not the start Chris Collins was looking for. He replaced Bryant McIntosh with Dave Sobolewski and Scottie Lindsey with JerShon Cobb in the starting lineup, which was a nice tribute to the seniors. But it had a negative backlash in the game, as McIntosh looked out of sorts for most of the night (that may have been because of migraines) and Sobolewski, who has played a crucial role off the bench over the last handful of games, struggled out of the gate. Collins also played Kreisberg as the first big man off the bench, and the offense looked disjointed for much of the half. Additionally, the Wolverines exploited the middle of the zone and kicked out to open shooters. Aubrey Dawkins had 15 points and three three-pointers in the first half alone.

It's going to be tough... to win when McIntosh and Sobolewski combine to score two points. That should have been WAY too much for this Northwestern team to overcome. But it wasn't thanks to...

TRE DEMPS... who reminds you, it's not over until the fat lady sings. And also reminds you the most efficient shot is the contested, desperation, must-make deep three.