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Northwestern-Michigan Press Conference Notes

What a game.

First, here's video of a dumbfounded Chris Collins at his postgame press conference:

Here are some quotes from Collins, JerShon Cobb, Alex Olah and Tre Demps:

- Collins: "I'm still trying to figure out what happened."

- Collins: "I don't feel like either team lost that game. We were just able to make one more play."

- Collins notes that in the first game, Michigan neutralized Olah by going to the 1-3-1. A huge key, he said, was that whenever Michigan went to the zone, Northwestern was able to score against it and keep them out of it. That allowed Olah to continue to be effective.

- Collins says McIntosh has been "sick as a dog" and "bedridden for two days." He really struggled tonight, but Collins credited Sobolewski for stepping in.

- It was actually Brian James who drew up the sideline out of bounds play to get Tre Demps the corner three at the end the first overtime. Collins says in the NBA you have more side out of bounds plays because you can advance the ball so James "has a million" of them.

- Collins: "I did not expect 33 minutes, I did not expect 14 points, I did not expect 8 rebounds" from Cobb.

- Collins said he thought Cobb had turned into LeBron when he came up to him Monday and told him he was playing. Basically...

- Collins said you can't do what his team has done "without having some substance in your locker room."

- Collins, jokingly: "I'm going to kill Aubrey Dawkins." He's known him since Dawkins was 3 years old.

- Collins said on the last shot in regulation, he called a play but Michigan defended it well. On Demps, he said, "sometimes the best thing to do is get out of his way." Well said, coach.

- Olah says his knee is fine, he just hyperextended it. "It just hurt for the moment, and it was fine... as you could see."

- Olah: "I knew I had a mismatch and I knew I could go out there and score."

- Olah says the crowd was a lot more pro-Northwestern tonight.

- Cobb says the time off really did him well and his body is feeling a lot better.

- Cobb didn't even realize that he had scored 10 straight points at one point in the second half.

- Cobb: "I always knew I wanted to play" on senior night.

- Cobb: "I'm undefeated on senior nights."

- Cobb: "I couldn't imagine losing this game."

- Cobb said he exchanged words or support with LeVert, who is battling his own injury, at the end of the game.

- Demps on the seniors: "They refused to lose."

- Demps: "I'm never not confident. At the end of the game, if you miss, nobody is ever going to be mad at you... You have the freedom to take whatever shot you want."

- Demps said AD Jim Phillips looked everybody in the eye after the senior day ceremonies and said, "the seniors deserve this one." Demps said that really hit home for him.

- Demps said he was actually going to go for a quick two on the final play of regulation, but he heard somebody say "go for three." So he pulled it out and, well, he did his thing.