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Highlights: Northwestern beats Michigan in improbable fashion

Here's how it happened.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Tre Demps made it rain in crunch time to carry Northwestern to victory against Michigan. But he also needed some help from the Wolverines and a brilliant sideline out of bounds play drawn up by Northwestern assistant Brian James.

First, he nailed this step-back from another area code to send it to overtime.

Then, Michigan tried to give Northwestern the game altogether by throwing away the ensuing inbounds pass from under its own basket:

The Wildcats couldn't convert though.

Then, down by 6 points with 9 seconds remaining in overtime, Demps had the presence of mind to dribble back out to the three point arc to bring NU within one possession and keep the Wildcats' chances alive in overtime.

And then we witnessed Michigan Attempts Baseline Inbounds Pass Fail, Part 2:

And finally Demps took this three from the other corner. The play design here--to originally throw the ball in to Cobb, and run Demps off of a backside screen--is genius.

And by now, everyone knew the shot would find nylon. Sanjay Lumpkin was just extra sure of it.

Never doubt Mr. Tre Demps in clutch time.