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A Q&A with Shawn Robinson, the 5-star QB interested in Northwestern

Robinson randomly grew up watching NU and sort of just stuck with the Wildcats.

Student Sports

Shawn Robinson, the top ranked dual-threat QB in the class of 2017, is still only a sophomore in high school. But Friday, he caught the attention of Northwestern fans when he told Andrew Nemec of The Oregonian that he was interested in Northwestern.

We caught up with Shawn to get some more details. It was almost as if he realized that it's a bit unusual that he--a five-star dual-threat quarterback from Texas--is interested in NU:

Inside NU: So why are you interested in Northwestern?

Shawn Robinson: As a kid, I grew up watching them, and, I don't know, I just fell in love with the program when I was little and stayed with it, and... I don't know, just stayed with it and carried on through my childhood.

INU: Do you remember who you watched as a kid, any good NU teams and players?

SR: I mean, they weren't necessarily like national championship contenders, but they played good ball, they weren't bad at all, they were a solid program.

INU: But other than that, you don't have any family connection to Northwestern or anything?

SR: Nope, not at all.

INU: So has Fitz or anybody from Northwestern reached out to you yet?

SR: No sir.

INU: And have you ever been to campus?

SR: No. I was thinking about going my 9th grade year, but I couldn't get out there.

INU: Do you have any family in the area or anything?

SR: No sir.

INU: Do you know anybody on Northwestern's current team?

SR: Like personally know? Nope.

INU: Who else has been recruiting you the most, what other schools?

SR: I'd have to say TCU. TCU, Oklahoma, and Texas too. [Note: Robinson has offers from all three, plus offers from Baylor, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss and others]

INU: So you hope that Fitz and Northwestern reach out to you at some point?

SR: Oh, definitely. Definitely. That'd be cool.