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Northwestern-Iowa Player Grades: Hawkeyes cruise, 69-52

Not many standout performances for NU.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Overall: C

Northwestern really wasn't bad. But the Wildcats ran into an Iowa team that hasn't lost since the last time the two teams met in mid-February. Asking NU to win on the road, on senior day, was always a tough ask, and Northwestern couldn't pull the upset.

Also, we don't usually give opponents grades, but... Aaron White: A+

Offense: C+

Northwestern's offense didn't have the same fluidity Saturday as it has had at times during this winning run. The Wildcats seemed a bit bothered by Iowa's length, and although they scored at a decent clip for most of the game, their first second-half field goal didn't come until around 8-and-a-half minutes into the half. That's when the game got away.

Defense: C-

Northwestern's defense was alright for 20 minutes. But it certainly wasn't what it was when these two teams met at Welsh-Ryan, and it totally collapsed early in the second half. A lot of that had to do with Iowa. Rather than just swing the ball around the perimeter, the Hawkeyes were able to make a lot more penetrating passes, which made their offense significantly more dynamic. In the second half, they started to get out in transition too. And Northwestern's wings were slow in rotation all game. The major problem for NU was rebounding though. The Hawkeyes pulled down 14 offensive rebounds. Unless Northwestern held them to 25 percent from the field, NU wasn't going to win this game.

Bryant McIntosh

Grade: C+

Points Rebounds Assists Field Goals
8 1 4 2-9

McIntosh said Thursday that he had recovered from the illness that limited him on Tuesday against Michigan, but he still looked a bit off his game. He hit two big second half threes to try to keep NU in it, but he also forced a few shots, and didn't look as comfortable as he usually is.

Tre Demps

Grade: B+

Points Rebounds Assists Field Goals
15 1 2 5-8

Demps was once again really efficient, and he was NU's biggest threat offensively for most of the game. But after 10 points early, Iowa found a way to neutralize him a bit, and once they did, Northwestern's offense went a bit stagnant.

JerShon Cobb

Grade: C

Points Rebounds Assists Field Goals
2 2 0 1-3

It was always going to be a lot to ask of Cobb to come out and recreate the heroic performance that he had Tuesday. He struggled to find a rhythm against Iowa, and was a liability on defense. He didn't see much time in the second half.

Scottie Lindsey

Grade: C

Points Rebounds Assists Field Goals
5 2 2 2-6

Not much of a noticeable impact for Lindsey today. He started as somewhat of a stretch-four, but that's not who he is, and perhaps that decision from Collins came back to bite NU on the glass. Lindsey was one of the ones who really struggled on the defensive glass.

Alex Olah

Grade: B-

Points Rebounds Assists Field Goals
7 10 2 3-8

Olah was pretty much hung out to dry on the defensive glass. He himself pulled down 10 defensive boards, but he had no help up against Iowa's rangy front line. He also was contained pretty well by the Hawkeyes on offense, although he was still a presence.

Vic Law

Grade: C+

Points Rebounds Assists Field Goals
6 2 2 1-2

HE BROKE A SHOT CLOCK. AUTOMATIC A. But seriously, Law wasn't at his best. There were a few moments in the first where he looked a bit more like the player that struggled to find a groove early in the year than the one who had hit his stride as of late. He had three first-half turnovers, and was silent for much of the second half. He wasn't as big a part of the offense as he has been recently.

Dave Sobolewski

Grade: C-

Points Rebounds Assists Field Goals
4 2 1 0-2

Sobolewski was back into more of a reserve role with McIntosh healthy. His major role on this team is to be a three-point shooter, so when he's 0-2 from three, he isn't much of a contributor.

Sanjay Lumpkin

Grade: C-

Points Rebounds Assists Field Goals
3 2 0 1-2

Lumpkin, as usually, didn't have much to say for himself on the offensive end (aside from one drought-ending three in the first half). And whereas in other games his impact has been felt on defense and on the boards, he wasn't great in either of those areas Saturday.

Nate Taphorn

Grade: B (or N/A)

Points Rebounds Assists Field Goals
2 0 1 1-2

We'll find out from Collins why Taphorn didn't play more, but when he did come in in the second half, he was decent. When Taphorn is playing well, Northwestern is a much better team. So first of all, he has to be playing.