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Updated Northwestern Big Ten Tournament seed probabilities


David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Northwestern has lost to Iowa and Minnesota has lost to Penn State, the Wildcats' seeding will come down to Sunday's Minnesota-Penn State and Nebraska-Maryland games. NU could still end up with two different seeding options:

  • 10 seed and a bye, with a game against Indiana or Illinois
  • 11 seed and a game against Rutgers

Here are the probabilities of each seed happening, based on win projections:

10 seed: 66% chance

- Maryland beats Nebraska

11 seed: 34% chance

- Nebraska beats Maryland


Since many have asked, here's who NU would play in each scenario:

10 seed

Round 1: Bye
Round 2: No. 7 Indiana
Round 3: No. 2 Maryland

11 seed

Round 1: No. 14 Rutgers
Round 2: No. 6 Ohio State
Round 3: No. 3 Michigan State