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Chris Collins press conference notes after NU's loss to Iowa

More on a tired team.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Here's what Chris Collins had to say after Northwestern's loss to Iowa:

- "I think their physicality really bothered us." Collins pointed to points in the paint, rebounds and turnovers.

- "I feel like every time we tried to claw back, they were able to answer us."

- "I thought they did a good job finding open areas." The guys on the wings of the zone were out of position.

- "I thought we played a little tired." Says they'll use the time before the Big Ten Tournament to get their legs under them.

- Collins said that Iowa has veterans and his team is young. He talked to his team about that in the last timeout.

- Collins said Iowa was better defensively today than in the teams' last two meetings.

- "It helped that they had two big guys against our one." He said Olah got tired, whereas Iowa was able to rotate both Woodbury and Olaseni.

- Apparently Collins was a ball boy at Penn when Fran McCaffery played there?

- Collins said Iowa has been "a role model" for what NU wants to be. "They took their lumps early and now they're starting to perform."

- Again, Collins brought up that Iowa has veterans that used to be in NU's place, while NU is young.

- Collins didn't think the "activity" was good in the zone. "I think they won all the hustle points."

- "We were down six at half and I didn't think we played particularly well." Said they hoped to make a run to start the second half, but Iowa did.

- Collins went with Lumpkin over Taphorn early because of the physicality. He switched later in the game.

- McIntosh isn't sick anymore, but Collins thinks he's worn down.