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Chris Collins wants shorter shot clock, no live-ball timeouts

Some interesting thoughts from Collins today.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The shot clock debate has been a hot topic in college basketball this year as the game is headed toward its slowest year on record. The sport is often deemed "unwatchable," and a number of national writers have suggested that the game needs a complete makeover.

A number of coaches have supported shortening the shot clock from an absurdly high 35 seconds per trip to 30 seconds (like women's college basketball) or 24 seconds, like the NBA. While Northwestern is one of the slowest teams in the country — 336th out of 351 teams at 60.6 possessions per game and an average possession length of 19.5 seconds on offense — NU coach Chris Collins said on Monday's Big Ten conference call that he is in favor of shortening the shot clock, as transcribed by

Northwestern coach Chris Collins said he would be in favor a 30-second shot clock and really wouldn't mind a 24-second clock.

"I like players to be in position where they have to make plays," Collins said. The shot clock in college basketball currently is 35 seconds, in the NBA, where Collins' father coached for years, it's 24 seconds.

Shortening the shot clock isn't necessarily the answer to get increased scoring, but it is interesting to hear that from the coach of one of the country's slowest teams. If NU accepts a bid to the CBI this year, it will play with 30-second shot clocks.

However, Collins also had another idea that we can all get behind:

Collins also said he would be in favor of eliminating live-ball timeouts. Live-ball timeouts are not allowed in the international game.