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Tony Jones NFL Draft scouting report

Tony Jones can move, but will his hands hold him back?

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Ah, Tony Jones. We've had good times, you and me. We've had bad times too. While Miles Shuler was hurt, you were the only wide receiver who could, in theory, take the top off of a defense. In 2013, you caught over 50 balls and looked like a legitimate threat at the wideout position. But alas, poor Tony, your hands are not your strong suit. Indeed, if Northwestern would have lost against Notre Dame, you would have been made a goat. But even after that, you bounced back, took a punt back for six the next week and, on the whole, were an immensely important piece of the Northwestern offense during your time at NU.

But will that translate to next level success? Let's find out.





Bench Press

Broad Jump






Career Stats

Year Games Rec Yds Yds/Rec TD
2010 8 11 157 14.3 1
2011 --- --- --- --- ---
2012 13 29 335 11.6 4
2013 12 55 630 11.5 4
2014 10 35 323 9.2 1


Overall Rank

Position Rank

Projected Round





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That highlight reel of Tony Jones against Syracuse, his best game as a Wildcat, is indicative of his best tool(s). He's really, really fast. 4.42 is no joke. For a Northwestern offense that was at times averse to throwing downfield, Tony Jones rarely got the looks on deep posts and fly routes that he was so good at. He can fly, there's no doubt about it.


That highlight reel of Tony Jones against Syracuse, his best game as a Wildcat, also shows his biggest weakness. Even on that first highlight, you see Tony Jones juggle the ball before hauling it in. Tony Jones does not possess the best hands in the world. Besides that, he's not an incredibly polished route runner. The hands are the biggest issue. There are a lot of 4.4 guys who have better hands than Jones, and that's a problem.


Tony Jones will probably at least be brought in to camp for some team, but it's hard to imagine him sticking around much longer than that.  The NFL has more athletes than they know what to do with, and there isn't a whole lot of room for players who have problems consistently hauling in balls.  Maybe some NFL coaching and a system that can allow him to be a deep threat could help and find a spot in the league.  But Jones is fighting an uphill battle to make a squad.