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Northwestern 2015 Homecoming game kickoff time announced

NU will play Iowa at 11 a.m. for Homecoming.

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern announced three more start times for its 2015 football game and they are ... a mixed bag. Here's the list:

  • Oct. 17 vs. Iowa: 11 am (Homecoming)
  • Sept. 19 at Duke: 11:30 am on the ACC Network
  • Oct. 10 at Michigan: 2:30 pm

This is in addition to the night game against Ball State (can't imagine how they got that super highly-anticipated game under the lights!). There's a lot going on here. Personally, I love 11 am games because I can get home to watch the better national games, but on Homecoming? NU last played an 11 am game on Homecoming against Iowa in 2012, but there of the last four Homecoming games have been at night.

The Duke game provides a fun twist because we all get to figure out how to find the ACC Network.

A lot of you don't like 11 a.m. games, but with a struggling team, this was bound to happen. Brace for more as the season gets closer.