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Kyle Prater signs with New Orleans Saints

Prater told Inside NU that he has signed a three-year deal.

Photo: Kyle Prater on Twitter

Former Northwestern wide receiver Kyle Prater has signed a three-year deal with the New Orleans Saints. Prater posted the news on social media Sunday, and later confirmed to Inside NU the length of the contract.

Prater had reportedly agreed to sign with the Browns as an undrafted free agent, but told Inside NU Sunday that he never did sign with the Browns. Instead, he was essentially just trying out, and "basically they let me go."

A photo posted by Kyle Prater (@k2p21) on

In New Orleans, Prater will re-unite with John Morton, his wide receiver coach during his time at USC. According to Katherine Terrell of, Prater didn't even know Morton was with the Saints until he got to New Orleans.

For more on Prater, we told his story -- from five-star recruit to "bust" to NFL prospect -- in a short documentary prior to draft day.

Also, here is our scouting report on Prater from before the draft.