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Did Northwestern have the strangest year in college football?

Reddit seems to think so.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern had a pretty bad football season last year, finishing 5-7 and missing out on a bowl game for a second straight season, but the Wildcats might take the crown for something else — having the strangest results in the country.

That's at least according to a Reddit thread, which asked which team had the strangest results (read: was the most inconsistent) of anyone in the country. The case for Northwestern is pretty damning:

  • Wins: 29-6 at Penn State, 20-14 vs. Wisconsin, 43-40 at Notre Dame
  • Losses: 31-24 vs. Cal, 23-15 vs. NIU, 48-7 at Iowa, 10-9 vs. Michigan, 47-33 vs. Illinois

This is, indeed, a very strange array of games. NU beat Penn State better than anyone else did last season and handed Wisconsin its only regular season Big Ten loss, but found a way to lose by 14 — and give up 47 points! — to Illinois and lost by 41 to Iowa.

There are a few other contenders. Virginia Tech won at Ohio State and Duke, but lost to Wake Forest, 6-3, in 2OT. Missouri lost to Indiana and got shutout by Georgia, but still won the SEC East. But overall, NU might take the cake.

Cardiac Cats, or something.