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Northwestern #funbad Game of the Year Nominees

Which game was so bad that it brought about laughter instead of pain?

Graphic: Josh Rosenblat

The 2014-15 athletic year has all but come to a close, and that can only mean one thing: end-of-year awards. Beginning Monday, June 1, Inside NU will be handing out seven different awards to celebrate the top players, coaches and games of the year in Northwestern sports.

However, it's not just our decision; it's also yours. Today, Monday, May 25, we are releasing the nominees for all seven awards. At the bottom of each page is a poll, and that's where you can make your vote count. Voting will be open for a week, and will close at 11 p.m. on Sunday, May 31. Winners will be announced the following week. Without further ado...

Sports can be tough on a person's emotions sometimes. When you invest emotionally in a team and a game, and your team underperforms, it can hurt. And Northwestern fans know all about that. But when you know what that pain feels like, and when you come to expect it, there's a certain point where a team's bad play becomes so consistent and so repetitive that it surpasses pain and instead generates amusement and even laughter. It's the point where  The state that you reach after that moment... that is #funbad.

And here are the nominees for Inside NU's 2015 #funbad Game of the Year Award:


Football vs. Michigan -- If you're struggling to understand exactly what #funbad is... well, just read/watch this. Then you'll understand. And you'll also understand why this game is going to be pretty tough to beat for the 2014 #funbad Game of the Year Award.

Basketball at Rutgers -- Northwestern went over 10 minutes late in the second half without scoring a single point... AND STILL WON THE GAME. We all knew we were going to be in for an ugly game. In fact, the first comment on our gamethread that day was a simple question: "Who's ready to watch some really bad basketball???" But the Wildcats and Scarlet Knights surpassed even our wildest #funbad dreams.

Staff Picks

Henry Bushnell: A lot of people came up to me after that Michigan game wondering what it was like to sit through a game like that. They were expecting negative answers. I was so confused. We were literally laughing in the press box. That's the definition of #funbad.

Zach Pereles: Maybe it's because I was watching the Michigan game from the first row of the student section in miserable weather conditions and I watched the Rutgers game from the comfort of my own home while on Winter Break, but the Michigan game has to win this one. I just remember after that game ended, I couldn't decide whether to cry, laugh, or just go back to my dorm and sleep after watching (supposedly) Division 1 football for about four hours. I think I did a combination of the three.

Josh Burton: The Michigan "game" happened to be played during Parents' Weekend, so it was the first full football game my mom and sisters have probably ever watched. Afterwards, even they were befuddled as to how bad it was. Safe to say they will not be watching much of the upcoming season.

Josh Rosenblat: That Michigan game made me hate the sport of football. Thanks everyone!

Kevin Dukovic: I don't think I've heard as much laughter in a press box as I did during the Michigan game. It was comical. Kevin Trahan and I had way too much fun making this too.

Voting has ended. Check back throughout the week, as we'll be announcing winners Tuesday through Friday.