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Northwestern #funbad Game of the Year Winner

The most #Northwestern of all our categories.

The 2014-15 athletic year has all but come to a close, and that can only mean one thing: end-of-year awards. Beginning Tuesday, June 2, Inside NU will hand out seven different awards to celebrate the top players, coaches and games of the year in Northwestern sports.

Following a week of your voting, we have landed on our winners. Here's the winner for #funbad game of the year, a category all too familiar to Northwestern fans.


Football vs. Michigan -- If you're struggling to understand exactly what #funbad is... well, just read/watch this. Then you'll understand. And you'll also understand why this game is going to be pretty tough to beat for the 2014 #funbad Game of the Year Award.

Basketball at Rutgers -- Northwestern went over 10 minutes late in the second half without scoring a single point... AND STILL WON THE GAME. We all knew we were going to be in for an ugly game. In fact, the first comment on our gamethread that day was a simple question: "Who's ready to watch some really bad basketball???" But the Wildcats and Scarlet Knights surpassed even our wildest #funbad dreams.


Football vs. Michigan


Thanks for your input. Find the rest of the winners here.