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Inside NU partners with WNUR Sports for a new season of our podcast, Pound The Talk

Make sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes for the coming season.

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More accurately, Pound The Talk, our world* famous, award-winning** podcast is back for its second season, but really for its first full season, and we're extremely excited. We are also fully committed to raising our take temperature by at least 15 percent this fall.

Part of the reason we're so excited is that we are partnering with WNUR Sports (@WNURSports), the sports department of Northwestern's outstanding student radio station. And along with the partnership, we are rebranding the podcast as "Inside NU's Pound The Talk with WNUR Sports."

The plan, which is subject to change, is as follows: Beginning tonight with the first episode, we will be releasing one episode per week as we head towards football season. We'll do a few things between now and the start of the season. There will obviously be quite a bit of season preview talk, but we'll also rehash some of the biggest news of the summer, and you can be sure that we'll include quite a bit of nonsense too.

Then, once September rolls around, we're all in. We'll have two podcasts a week for you, one game review episode on Sunday or Monday, and one game preview episode on Thursday or Friday.

So how can you listen? First of all, every episode will be posted here on our website, but most importantly, Pound the Talk is now on iTunes. You can go subscribe right now. We will soon be on Stitcher as well, and you can always listen on Soundcloud. You'll also be able to find Pound The Talk on the WNUR Sports website, and on their Soundcloud.

Especially throughout the summer, we'll be trying to incorporate some listener questions and interaction into the podcast as well. So think about whatever questions you might want answered, and be on the lookout for crowdsourcing Tweets or Facebook posts. Use the comments on our site as well.

All of us at Inside NU and WNUR Sports are looking forward to a fun season. So don't forget to subscribe!

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*We'd like to think that anybody who doesn't listen to Pound the Talk doesn't even exist
**We made up a podcast award for ourself so we could say that