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Northwestern Rose Bowl team celebrates 20-year anniversary

Some members of the team and coach Gary Barnett gathered this weekend in Evanston.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

It's been a relatively quiet weekend in Northwestern sports. We're still three weeks away from August 9, Northwestern football's training camp report date, and a little less than two weeks away from Big Ten Media Days, which are July 30 and 31. Meanwhile, basketball coaches are out on the recruiting trail, and players are in the thick of their summer preparations.

So what better weekend to celebrate the past? That's what members of Northwestern's 1995 football team did, gathering in Evanston as the 20th anniversary of their famous Rose Bowl season approaches.

The team reminisced over dinner Friday night:

Coach Gary Barnett joined the crew too, and spoke with the team on Saturday:

Here's a picture of all the former Rose Bowlers that gathered. Does anybody think they can name all of them?

If you ever want to re-live the 1995 season, Big Ten Network chronicled it on one episode of their Big Ten Elite show. You can watch it on BTN2Go here.

We want to hear from you though. Let's turn this into an open thread. What are your favorite memories of the 1995 team?