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Northwestern tax return shows Pat Fitzgerald's, Jim Phillips's 2013 salaries, loans

Fitzgerald was not the university's highest paid employee — if you don't count the over $2.5 million dollars the school paid him in loans in 2011.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald made $2.48 million in 2013, according to Northwestern's 2013 tax return, which was released Tuesday. The document shows salaries for Northwestern's top earning faculty and staff.

The University paid Fitzgerald a base salary of almost $1.97 million in 2013. The $2.48 million includes his base compensation, plus a $200,000 bonus and $264,185 in "other compensation."

When looking at the compensation numbers in a vacuum, Fitzgerald was the school's second-highest paid employee. William McLean, Northwestern's vice president and chief investment officer, made $2.87 million.

By comparison, the document indicates Northwestern president Morton Schapiro made over $1.33 million and athletic director Jim Phillips made $930,885.

However, the listed pay for Fitzgerald and Phillips did not include loans that the school appears to have given them in 2011.

Fitzgerald benefitted from a loan totaling close to $2.57 million, according to the most recent tax form. Documents from the previous year show the loan under Fitzgerald's name in 2012 as well. In 2011, records indicate Fitzgerald was given a $2.5 million loan.

Phillips also received two separate loans from Northwestern totaling just under $1.13 million. The loans to Phillips were initially paid in 2013, according to the documents.

The "purpose of (the) loan(s)," according to the filings, are listed as a "compensation package."

Fitzgerald made $2.22 million in 2012 after signing his big contract extension. He made $1.28 million the previous year prior to the extension/raise. He is signed through the 2020 season.

USA Today's Steve Berkowitz also reported Northwestern paid former men's basketball coach Bill Carmody $1 million "in connection with his firing."

Carmody had one year left on his contract when he was fired following the 2012-13 season.

Current men's basketball head coach Chris Collins' salary will probably show up on next year's Form 990, which covers 2013-14.