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We're 0-3. This stinks.

Y'all should know the deal by now. We did it onceWe did it twice. Now we're back for a third go around.

We'll be updating the board throughout Fitz's morning press conference, which begins at 8:45 a.m. CT and will air live on Big Ten Network (and online). We may or may not ask a question during said press conference that serves little purpose other than to notch off a spot on our board because goshdarnit, I want a freaking BINGO!

Some old favorites from boards past are back, including "Wildcat Way," which kept us from snagging a double BINGO in the first iteration of this grand social experiment. LET'S SEE THAT BOARD:

Bingo original

You can help us stay on the ball by hollering at us on Twitter or in the comments. Let's get it done, y'all.


There will be a day when I see 5 red checks dancing across a page in sequential order.

There will be a day where the planets align and Pat Fitzgerald reverts into densely concentrated coach speak.

It was not today.

I take complete responsibility for this failure to notch a BINGO.  We will look at all aspects of the program and adjust accordingly.  We're trying to get better everyday, and hopefully, you'll stand by us as we try and get things right.

The "Wildcat Way" has cost us 3 BINGOs in as many BINGO sheets.  I am depressed.

finished BINGO round 3