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New Orleans Saints cut Kyle Prater

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Prater, a former Northwestern wide receiver, was cut by the New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

Prater, an undrafted free agent who had a brief stint with the Cleveland Browns, was picked up by New Orleans in May.

He played in the team's first preseason game and had one, 19-yard catch in the redzone.

Prater posted this photo and the comment below on his Instagram account:

I want to thank the @saints for the amazing opportunity to play for such an amazing organization , and more importantly thank you to the fans who showed endless love and support. Built some great relationships throughout my time period there , but as we all know it's a business but when one door closes another opens, it's just a matter of time. ✌ ️#ChasingGreatness #BattleTested #WeatherTheStorm#MoreFuel #W.W.A.D #GodsPlan