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Play fantasy football with Inside NU

All you have to do... is write a poem about Northwestern football!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It's football season. Most importantly, that means Northwestern's season opener against Stanford is less than 12 days away. But it also means the NFL will be back shortly. And the NFL only means one thing: Fantasy football.

That's right, even though we cover almost exclusively college sports, this year, we are organizing the inaugural Inside NU Fantasy Football League. And you can be a part of it.

As revealed on Monday's episode of Pound the Talk, two of our readers or podcast listeners will have a chance to compete with 12 of our staff members in a 14-team, winner-takes-all* fantasy football. Listen to the podcast for more details.

To enter to have a chance to become one of those two readers, all you have to do is submit to us a poem about Northwestern football or Northwestern sports in general.

It can be a poem of any form — haikus and acrostics are acceptable, but aren't likely to beat out a well-written sonnet — and it must be submitted by Monday, Aug. 31. There are multiple avenues of submission available. The easiest way is to write it in a comment on this post, or on the post containing the podcast. You can also tweet us your poems, though for anything longer than a haiku, that 140-character limit might be troubling. You can also comment on our Facebook post. Or you can email your poem to

So good luck, and may you all have success in channelling your inner Shakespeare, Whitman or Frost!

*We likely won't be playing for money.