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Northwestern basketball tweaks jerseys for 2015-16

The Northwestern men's basketball team modified its Under Armour uniforms for the upcoming season. The program released designs of its new home white and purple away jerseys on its Instagram account Tuesday.

First look at the home white uniforms that the #B1GCats will wear during the upcoming 2015-16 season. #PoundTheRock #Northwestern

A photo posted by Northwestern Basketball (@numensbball) on

Here are the team's new road uniforms for the 2015-16 season. #B1GCats #PoundTheRock #Northwestern #underarmour

A photo posted by Northwestern Basketball (@numensbball) on

Since moving to Under Armour ahead of the 2012 season, the Wildcats' base uniforms have been largely unchanged. They have, however, sported some interesting alternates. Most notably, Northwestern wore gray, custom-designed uniforms for a home game against Illinois in 2014.

The '15-'16 home edition have added a gray patterned design to the back of the white jersey and shorts. The away uniforms have the same design with purple stripes on the back. Its reminiscent of what Nike does with some of their uniforms, except there doesn't appear to be any symbolism's in Northwestern's new design.

The design doesn't really add much from last year's uniform. The patterns on the sides of the jersey and shorts have been changed from horizontal blocks to vertical strips. On the front, the program's slogan, "Pound the Rock" is printed on the lower corner of the top, but that part of the jersey is usually tucked in anyway, so it won't be seen. Other than that, the front side is basically the same.