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Northwestern basketball releases offseason video series "The Foundation"

Below are all four episodes.

Photo: Northwestern Athletics

Things have been pretty quiet on the Northwestern basketball front since the Wildcats returned from their 10-day trip to Spain. However, on Tuesday, Northwestern Athletics released a four-part video series documenting the offseason, all the way from the team's first meeting to its recently completed foreign trip.

Here are all four episodes, which can also be seen on the Northwestern Athletics YouTube page.

Episode 1

In Episode 1, at the team's first official meeting, head coach Chris Collins says "this is as hungry as I've ever been to coach a team," and talks about the program's philosophy. He's also shown telling his team in practice, "if you can't guard, you can't play this year!"

Episode 2

Episode 2 features a behind the scenes look at the team's early-morning Navy SEAL training. It also focuses on sophomore guard Bryant McIntosh and Tre Demps, who both attended elite camps over the summer. McIntosh admits that "towards the end of the year, I hit the wall." Demps talks a bit about getting married.

Episode 3

In Episode 3, Chris Collins talks at length about various players. Some cool footage of freshman move-in day is featured. Also, Collins and his staff hand out the program's three offseason awards.

Episode 4

The fourth and final episode tells the story of the team's trip to Spain. It features in-game highlights, but also a look at how the team spent its time off the court, including tours of the stadiums of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Gavin Skelly tries to have a conversation with some local kids in Spanish.