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Northwestern beats Duke... AND GETS CHICK-FIL-A AGAIN


Northwestern went into Durham Saturday and took down the Duke Blue Devils, 19-10, behind another dominant defensive performance. But the end of the game was just the beginning of the fun.

The Wildcats got excited heading to the locker room for... what's that? Chick-fil-A?!?


Says Dean Lowry: "Yeah, it's huge. Last time we had Chick Fil A was, I think, the Notre Dame game. It's definitely good to get Chick Fil A again and it's definitely always a good time eating Chick Fil A on the bus."

Last year, if you recall, the Wildcats went into South Bent and upset Notre Dame in overtime. And the players received a similar gift. Dean Lowry confirmed that this was the last time the players got Chick-fil-A after a game:

Let's just have Chick-fil-A after every game, shall we?