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Northwestern dances its way to 4-0

As I stood outside the visitor's locker room last week in Durham, I knew there was a party going on inside that I clearly wasn't invited to. The brick walls did little to insulate the sound, so as Silento's "Watch Me" blasted, I could only imagine how Northwestern would be celebrating a 19-10 win over Duke.

Was Jerry Brown getting down again, much like he did after Northwestern's season-opening upset of Stanford?

Or was someone else taking the stage? Maybe Zack Oliver? Who, with his painfully awkward hand movements displayed in the video above, would have surely brought the house down. Maybe it was Fitz who whipped and nae-nae'd his way out to speak to the media.

Or maybe it was freshman wide receiver Cameron Green.

When you wake up and your squad is 4-0. #B1GCats

A video posted by Northwestern Football (@nufbfamily) on

Green, caught on this video from the football program's Instagram account, got busy on the sideline during Northwestern's 24-19 win over Ball State on Saturday night to OMI's "Cheerleader."

Northwestern, now up to No. 16 in the AP Poll and No. 17 in the Coaches Poll, has shocked many who thought an inexperienced offense would be too much to overcome. Now, the Wildcats look to be contenders, if not favorites, in the Big Ten West after a 4-0 start.

How have they done it? What's the Wildcats' secret?

They dance... they dance like nobody's watching.


Prior to the opening kickoff, Northwestern offered a glimpse of a choreographed dance number made up of many of the program's redshirting freshman, including Green.