A message to Inside NU commenters — Please read

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

A message to our community:

It has come to our attention that action needs to be taken with regards to the comments on our site. This has been threatening to become a serious problem throughout the offseason. Despite repeated attempts to halt it, now it has. On what should've been a day of celebration yesterday, some comment threads devolved into chaotic arguments that included personal attacks.

Elsewhere in the SB Nation network, one personal attack or inappropriate comment, even if it's out of character, will get you banned. At Inside NU, we have been extremely lenient in the past, and have even emailed a few of you personally in an attempt to solve disputes. And frankly, it's ridiculous that we should have to do that.

During football season, we have one goal: We try to cover the team to the best of our ability. And we think we're doing a pretty darn good job of it. That also means we're busy though, and we have no time to police childish spats and disgusting personal attacks in the comments on our articles.

We love that you all read our site, and we love that you are passionate enough to engage in discussion with other fans. The sense of community is one of the great things about the SB Nation network.

But when you behave like petulant children — yes, that's what I just called some of you; think about that for a second — you are a net negative to the site. So from now on, if you do, you will be banned — for at least a month on first offense. We've got no time to hear both sides of the story. Even if you are responding to a comment that includes an inflammatory opinion, if you are in the wrong, you will be banned, no questions asked, no complaints heard.

For most SB Nation blogs, the comment sections enhance the sites. Here, because of you guys, that is no longer the case. These silly disputes get in the way of others' ability to enjoy our content and that aforementioned sense of community. The group of people that have violated are community guidelines is a tiny portion of our readership.

So consider this a final warning. Passionate arguments concerning Northwestern football are fine. When those arguments get personal, and go from discussion to immature bickering, that's where our tolerance ends. If you have to think twice about whether your comment crosses the line, it's probably not a good idea to post it. Because if it does, you will be banned for a month without hesitation. In the case of a second offense, there will be no reinstatement.

If somebody has crossed the line, please do not respond to their comment. Instead, email us at Thank you.