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Trevor Siemian makes Broncos' 53-man roster

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Former Northwestern quarterback Trevor Siemian has made the Denver Broncos' 53-man roster, which was finalized Saturday.

Siemian was a surprise 7th-round selection of the Broncos in the 2015 NFL Draft. Siemian was coming off a senior season at Northwestern in which he threw just seven touchdowns compared to 11 interceptions, and off a torn ACL in late November.

However, he has impressed in training camp and in preseason games for the Broncos, and has now officially made Denver's team.

Here's what Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak had to say about Siemian in an article on the team's official site:

"[The knee surgery] was a concern -- how far could we go? He worked really hard throughout the course of the summer off with the players, and when he came back, he was ready to go, and he just continued to make plays."

"He's a very confident kid. There's not a throw he can't make. I think the question was how much he can handle mentally, and from what he did, how much could he progress? And he's handled that very, very well. Guys gravitate to him. You never know about leadership until a guy walks in the door, and he has shown that. Hopefully we'll continue with that."

"We saw the arm. There was no doubt about the arm. When you watch him throw the ball at Northwestern, in some of the wind, the trees are blowing sideways, and he's out there making throws all over the field. You knew that he had that ability.

"He's adapted very well to the calling system, making long calls in the huddle, things that he's never been a part of. It's really part of his progress, but the physical skills, we knew they were there. With the knee coming along, [it was a] project situation. We didn't know."

"Every time we went on the field, he found a way to make plays. He's a leader -- a very confident young man. So we feel very good about the opportunity here, and having the ability to get him that late in the draft and to have a player with that type of ability."