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Northwestern-Penn State Press Conference Notes: Chris Collins, Tre Demps, Pat Chambers

Chris Collins and Tre Demps discuss the loss.

EVANSTON  Chris Collins, Tre Demps and Penn State head coach Pat Chambers spoke to the media following Northwestern's 71-62 loss to Penn State:

Pat Chambers, Penn State head coach

- "We made threes and they missed threes. Sometimes in this bizarre league that we're in that determines the outcome. We competed for the first time all season for 40 minutes."

-When asked if his defense did anything schematically to contribute to Northwestern's poor shooting performance Chambers said: "They had some open looks that just didn't go down tonight for whatever reason."

Chris Collins, Northwestern head coach

- "I just thought we got what we deserved in this game. Penn State was more competitive. We weren't ready to compete at that level. A lot is going to be made about the missed shots and rightfully so. But you're not going to make shots if you don't have the right attitude at the start of the game. We weren't in attack mode."

- "As we missed shot after shot we lost our defense and they were able to push it out to 18 points and then we finally started playing. Too little too late."

- "It's my job to have my guys ready to compete at a high level. I'm very disappointed in myself to not have the guys ready to play tonight."

- "I can't tell the guys to stop shooting. We just have to make sure we have to take good ones." Penn State started a long lineup and that pushed Northwestern out to take "NBA threes". "Because they were extending so far out we were trying to drive and hit the post," Collins said. But Collins didn't think his guys did a good enough gob attacking the inside.

- Collins wanted to play Olah for about 10 minutes tonight. He played 7. He thought Olah was a little over-anxious when he came in. Collins said he's not sure if Olah will be on a minutes restriction against Maryland. Collins also said that Dererk Pardon and Joey van Zegeren are doing a good job so he doesn't want to sacrifice their minutes either.

- "We have a tough stretch ahead of us but we have to come back tomorrow and get ready to play Maryland and play our best game up at College Park."

- Collins said it was harder to get into the pick and roll on offense because Penn State played a zone.

Tre Demps, Northwestern guard

- Demps said he didn't come into the game feeling "confident." He wasn't sure why he and his teammates were so timid early on and weren't attacking the basket like they did late in the game.

- Demps thought NU's defense, not its shooting was the bigger problem. "We need to find another way to win when we're not shooting well."

- "I don't think it's an Xs and Os thing. It's a want-to and a will-to thing with this team."