NU Could Soon Be Getting Its Highest-Rated 2016 Football Recruit

And it's all thanks to Jim Harbaugh's shady recruiting tactics.

Erik Swenson, an offensive tackle who was the longest-committed recruit to Michigan, decommitted today, claiming that Harbaugh pulled his offer (weeks before Signing Day).

While that's despicable, it could end up being beneficial for Northwestern. So far, five members of 247's Crystal Ball committee have unanimously picked Swenson to come to NU now that he's out at Michigan.

Swenson is considered a four-star (sure to please some folks), and, more importantly, he would bolster NU's offensive line ranks in a big way. 2016 could end up being one of the best years for NU's offensive line ever. Kolwich and Urban are both top-40 offensive guards, while NU beat out Wisconsin for Meyler and Vogel earned accolades for his play in Ohio. Combine that with NU's stellar stable of running backs, and the future looks awfully bright for the run game.

Swenson appears to have handled the situation well and looks like a high-character guy. Just the type of player Fitz and his staff would want. Hoping he becomes a Wildcat and gets on the field in a few years when NU next plays Michigan!