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Northwestern at Indiana Recap: Player grades from the Wildcats' 89-57 loss

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern turned in one of its worst performances of the season Saturday at Indiana in an 89-57 loss. The Wildcats were all over the place on defense. The Hoosiers could seemingly get an open jump shot whenever they pleased, and flummoxed the Wildcats with their off-ball movement and ball movement.

There were a few bright performances from the players in purple, but not many. Here are Saturday's player grades:

Bryant McIntosh - D

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
4 6 5 2-12 33

In his first game at Indiana, McIntosh shot 2 for 12 and only scored 4 points. Robert Johnson and the Indiana players did a good job shutting McIntosh down and preventing him from reaching the basket. He had a poor shooting day, missing his usual floaters and his spots from three. Northwestern needs more production from McIntosh in order to win games. He also looked poor defensively and was one of the many Northwestern players who were exploited in the zone.

Tre Demps - A-

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
17 2 2 7-13 37

After shaving his hair and beard, Tre Demps bounced back from a brutal cold streak with 17 points on an efficient 7 for 13 shooting performance. Demps and Olah were the only Northwestern players doing anything in the first half. While his defensive performance, like the rest of the team’s, could be criticized, Demps’ return to form on offense earns him an A-.

Aaron Falzon - D

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
5 0 1 2-3 24

Falzon was mostly uninvolved in this game. Despite playing 24 minutes, Falzon took just two shots and only collected one rebound. Falzon got into foul trouble early and looked poor defensively. This game is one to forget for the freshman.

Sanjay Lumpkin - D-

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
0 0 1 0-0 17

Lumpkin was invisible in this game. While Lumpkin’s job is not to create on offense, he also did not play very well defensively and failed to collect his usual tough rebounds. Offensively, Lumpkin took zero shots and had 1 turnover.

Joey van Zegeren - Incomplete

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
0 0 0 0-1 5

Joey van Zegeren played 5 minutes and then disappeared for the rest of the game. van Zegeren did not pick up an injury or get into foul trouble. However, Pardon and Olah looked more effective and it makes sense that van Zegeren could not find his way onto the court.

Scottie Lindsey - F

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
0 0 1 0-5 23

Lindsey played 23 minutes and contributed virtual nothing on the floor. He missed his 5 field goal attempts, including an easy layup and two open threes. Lindsey was also poor defensively and got repeatedly victimized by Ferrell and Indiana’s ball movement. Considering Lindsey played for more than half the game and should be a key player for this team, this was an awful performance.

Alex Olah - A

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
19 2 2 9-12 20

Alex Olah looked backed to his pre-injury self against Indiana. Olah’s post-up game looked great and he was Northwestern’s most efficient offensive player. He shot 9 for 12 from the field, including a three-pointer. He was put into some bad situations defensively, but he did not embarrass himself at the rim. Overall, it was great to see Olah back in form after he struggled in his first two games back from injury. The only negative was that he went 0 for 3 from the line.

Dererk Pardon - B

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
9 0 4 4-5 18

Like Olah, Pardon was placed in some bad situations on defense. Troy Williams and Ferrell were too quick for Pardon, but he continued to rebound well and score easy baskets in the paint. While his post game is not as refined as Olah, his chemistry with McIntosh was one of the few bright spots from this game.

Nathan Taphorn - C-

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
3 1 1 1-2 8

At times, Taphorn looked out of his depth on the court, but he managed to score 3 points. He only played 8 minutes and he did not take any threes.

Gavin Skelly - D?

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
0 0 1 0-0 8

The masked man was hidden from view for most of the game. Skelly had no impact whatsoever, other than an awkward drive that resulted in a turnover. He did not take a shot.

Jordan Ash - Incomplete

Points Assists Rebounds Field Goals Minutes
0 1 0 0-2 1

Jordan Ash did not play very much in relief of McIntosh until garbage time. He  He did not score and missed his two field goal attempts.