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How exactly did Michigan State's bench celebrate the blowout win over Northwestern?

Is that what we think it is?

Michigan State's 76-45 blowout of Northwestern in Evanston on Thursday night was over, for all intents and purposes, early in the second half. Late in the game, the Spartan bench—filled with the team's best players—still appeared to be flying high.

A Northwestern undergrad recorded this video from the student section and sent it to Inside NU. It seems to show the Michigan State bench passing a celebratory recreational item down the bench, ending with freshman Matt McQuaid, who scored 17 points and hit 5 of 8 threes.

Earlier his week, former Spartan Draymond Green and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors seemed to partake in a similar celebration during a blowout of the Mavericks.

"Go Green!" as the Michigan State faithful often say.