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Northwestern linebacker Brett Walsh taken off on stretcher against Iowa

There was a long delay in the game as Walsh looked was loaded onto the stretcher, then the cart, then taken off.

Northwestern backup linebacker Brett Walsh was put on a stretcher and carted off the field during the third quarter of Northwestern’s contest with Iowa with the game tied at 24.

Walsh was on kickoff coverage immediately following Northwestern’s game-tying touchdown and collapsed on the field. He was on the ground for several minutes as trainers tended to him. Northwestern players were seen kneeling, and some formed prayer circles as Walsh was on the ground near the 20 yardline.

Walsh was tended to for several minutes before slowly being lifted onto a stretcher by a team of trainers and other various personnel. As he was taken off, Walsh was able to give the Kinnick Stadium crowd a thumbs up, to a loud round of applause.

Walsh was conscious and able to move all his extremities, per the program. He was taken to the local hospital located just across the street from Kinnick.


At his post-game press conference, head coach Pat Fitzgerald announced that all tests on Walsh came back negative. Walsh should be able to travel back to Evanston tonight, though not with the team in all likelihood. It was “the best news of the day,” per the head coach.