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Bryant McIntosh, Vic Law Media Day Notes

Bryant McIntosh, Vic Law and Sanjay Lumpkin shared their thoughts on the offseason as well as this upcoming year

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Bryant McIntosh

  • On #BMAC4THEDIME: “I love it, I’ve been rolling with the punches but it’s been awesome.”
  • Goals for this year: “Yeah I wanna be a better defender, guarding my position. My body is much better than what it’s been. Offensively, I want to be a more consistent shooter, find ways to get to the line more.
  • On being named captain: “Big honor. That kind of gives you confidence, just the experience of what I’ve went through the past few years. He keeps telling me it’s our time, it’s my time. I’m starting to take that in.”
  • On Collins’ saying the program is in need of breakthrough: “We don’t talk about what hasn’t been done in the past. We can’t control what’s gone on....Going after it aggressively, not being afraid to fail. When you play not to fail, on your heels, you can’t play at your highest level.”
  • On Vic Law post-injury: “He’s a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy, having his ability to score, to create. He was our best rebounder his first year.”
  • On how far the program has come since his freshman year: “We’re a very evolved program. I mean we won 14 games my freshman year. We’re just coming back and battling every day and looking to get better.”
  • On defensive play: “Defensively we’re gonna be a hard-nose group that tries to throw teams off their rhythm.”
  • On senior year at Allstate Arena: “Well, you gotta play somewhere. I’m excited for the program but I’m not gonna give up my senior year. Just give me a ball I’ll play anywhere.”

Vic Law

  • On his health: “I feel good. I feel like I’m 100%, practicing well in the summer. So far in training camp, everything has looked good, so I feel great.”
  • On the A big part of it was working out my myself, but it was tough watching from the sidelines, whenever your team loses and you’re watching I felt like I could’ve added in some way.”
  • On watching from the sidelines last season: Anytime your team loses, you always have the feeling that if you had been out there you could have helped, and you want to be a part of the wins...It was hard for a while sitting there watching some of the games that were so close that we lost, I just felt I could have been a tipping force.”
  • On his role this year: “I mean that’s more for coach to decide, when I was being recruiting I learned a real valuable lesson: There are two positions, on the court and off the court...Scoring will be much easier this year. Freshman year, I really started to focus on my offensive game. So I think this year it will be much smoother.”
  • On chemistry with new starters: “Well I’ve played with Aaron [Falzon] and Derek [Pardon] for a while, they’re both great players I’m excited.”
  • On fitting into the defensive alignment this year: “Whether we play man or 2-3 I feel like just being a leader on the court is the most important thing, Coach Collins will prepare us well.”

Sanjay Lumpkin

  • On Vic Law’s return: Some of us forgot how athletic he is...I forgot how long he is on defense, how he’s always playing above the rim, tip dunking.”
  • On the personnel difference on this team vs. the team his freshman year: “We have a lot of talented guys, a lot of guys who can start. It’s a good problem to have for the coach.”
  • On his hopes for the year: “Make the NCAA Tournament. That’s why I came here.”