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Northwestern’s secondary keeps predicting its own interceptions

The Wildcats are two for two this season on pre-game interception prophecies

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a crazy seven weeks for this Northwestern football team, filled with a season’s worth of storylines already. But hidden beneath the more high-profile headlines is a story that has yet to gain much notoriety in the national media and should be on everyone’s radars moving forward.

In not one, but two separate occasions this year, a Northwestern defensive back has predicted before a game that they would record an interception and on both occasions the players, were successful.

This all started on September 17, when junior safety Godwin Igwebuike decided to send out a tweet just an hour before Northwestern was scheduled to take on Duke.

Hours later, near the end of the first quarter with Northwestern holding a 7-0 lead, Igwebuike jumped in front of Duke quarterback Daniel Jones’ pass and halted the Blue Devils’ drive.

The interception was Igwebuike’s first since October of 2014, but according to the junior safety, the motivation for sending that tweet was a conversation he had with God leading up to the game.

“I was in the room, praying and talking to God, and he was telling me you are gonna get an interception today,” Igwebuike said after the game. “I had faith and I believed, I had that feeling, went ahead and tweeted it and made that happen.”

Many acknowledged the Igwebuike tweet after the game and chalked it up as a one-time coincidence, until Jared McGee, who had started opposite to Igwebuike earlier this season, decided to follow in his fellow safety’s footsteps, posting this on Instagram on Friday leading up to the Michigan State game:

Thank you Lord in advance for the INTs #speakitintoexistence #shoutoutGodwin #skyteam

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Holding a 40-31 lead on Saturday against Michigan State to start the fourth quarter, McGee’s prophecy became a reality. Dropping back to pass on third-and-10, Spartan quarterback Tyler O’Connor escaped pressure and heaved a ball down the field intended for Donnie Corley. Standing as the only defender in between the ball and Corley, McGee elevated and came down with the interception, the second of his career.

After the game, McGee said he was so grateful to God for coming through and helping him make the interception.

“I’m a firm believer in asking God for the desires that are on your heart in advance and just being prayerful,” McGee said on Monday when recounting the experience. “If you’re prepared, you’ll be in the right position to make those plays. He blessed me a lot more I could ask for.”

Speechless at how God keeps blessing me! I can't thank HIM enough man

A photo posted by Jared McGee (@thatsjared41) on

After seeing the success that Igwebuike and McGee had after making their predictions, the question we all have to be wondering is, which member of the Wildcats’ secondary will be next to predict an interception? And will they have the same success?

“I think there’s gonna be a few guys fighting to post that first,” McGee joked. “We’ll see what happens in the coming week.”

If I were an opposing quarterback, I’d keep an eye on every social media account belonging to the Northwestern secondary and steer clear of their owners on gameday.