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Kyle Queiro’s interception named SportsCenter’s No. 1 play of the Top 10

Just beautiful.

Kyle 1

After a wild Saturday of college football, one play stood out above all of the rest: Kyle Queiro’s unbelievable one-handed interception. Here is the full Top 10 from Saturday night:

Queiro tweeted “thanks for the int” on Friday night, which has become a tradition for Northwestern’s secondary. Queiro’s tweet then interception was the third such this season, following in the footsteps of fellow safeties Godwin Igwebuike (Duke) and Jared McGee (Michigan State).

The incredible interception immediately took off on social media, especially on Vine and Twitter. ESPN proclaimed it one of the greatest interceptions of all time.

Queiro’s pick came at a crucial time in the game as Northwestern’s offense sputtered in the second half. The junior safety, playing with a cast on his other hand due to injury, recovered nicely after initially advancing on the play rather than sinking back, and the rest... Well, the rest says top play of the day.