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Northwestern vs. Minnesota weather report

It’s a brisk November afternoon in Minneapolis and we’re about 30 minutes from kickoff of Northwestern’s Week 12 matchup with Minnesota.

According to, winds of up to 17 miles per hour from the northwest are to be expected. The site also predicts a temperatures to be in the 20s throughout the day with a high of 29 degrees and a low of 22 degrees.

There were flurries in the area last night and early this morning, but now predicts only a three percent chance of precipitation. There have been clouds overhead through the morning and early afternoon, but the sun is beginning to peek through as we approach game time.

All in all, don’t expect the weather to play a huge factor in this one. If winds continue to swirl at field level it could play a factor in the kicking game, but with limited chance of precipitation and temperatures hovering just below the freezing threshold, both sides should be able to adapt.