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A look back at Northwestern’s finest moments on Vine

As we say goodbye to Vine, we remember several moments in the history of Northwestern sports that the popular video-sharing app immortalized.

Twitter announced Thursday that its social media platform Vine will be discontinued “in the coming months” in an attempt to cut costs, according to The Guardian.

This is a sad development. Like its parent company, Twitter, Vine was able to capitalize on people’s rapidly deteriorating attention spans in order to provide a unique, strange and oft-hilarious mode of entertainment.

Let’s take a look inside Northwestern’s place in the history of Vine:

Just dance

Northwestern kicked off its eventual 10-3 campaign in 2015 with a resounding upset victory over No. 21 ranked Stanford at Ryan Field last September. And after a win of such significance, they just felt like dancing, led by defensive backs coach Jerry Brown:

But the fun didn’t stop there. About a month later, during a 27-0 victory over Minnesota, we got this moment of comedy from redshirt freshman Steven Reese:

The highlight

Who could forget this insane play from Kyle Queiro that earned Top Play on SportsCenter?

It’s a hard knock life

Northwestern football and heartbreak have always seemed to go hand-in-hand. Just ask Chi Chi Ariguzo, whose reaction to Northwestern losing to Nebraska on a last second Hail Mary back in 2013 was absolutely priceless (and so, so sad):

And let’s not forget Touchdown Trevor Siemian’s defining Northwestern moment:

(I feel I should take this time to remind everyone that that man is 6-1 as an NFL starter.)


The Pat Fitzgerald section

Fitz earned himself his own section in this piece by virtue of the number of moments to remember he has provided Northwestern fans over his coaching tenure. Luckily for all of us, Vine captured a few of these moments.

Like when we got to listen in on this conversation with Godwin Igwebuike:

Cheer up, coach... We’ve all been there:

That’s better:

And of course the most popular Vine of all time regarding the head coach:

There’s a basketball team, too

Northwestern’s football team doesn’t have a complete monopoly on funny Vine moments. The Collins family has provided fans with plenty of entertainment throughout its time at Northwestern:

It’s always stressful watching your son coach. Just ask father Doug:

A few moments later...

Thanks for all the great moments, Vine. We will miss you dearly.

Let’s get home safe.