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Northwestern- Bryant press conference notes

Everyone was happy following a 20-point victory.

NCAA Basketball: Eastern Washington at Northwestern David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Following a comfortable 86-66 victory over the Bryant Bulldogs, Chris Collins, Gavin Skelly and Vic Law met with the media. Here’s what they had to say.

Chris Collins

On the team’s performance after a three-game road trip: “I was so proud of the way we started the game. I knew that team was gonna be ready to play.”

On Vic Law’s ability as a defender: “We have bigger, longer wings than we’ve ever had. I think Vic wants those kinds of challenges.”

On attacking the basket: “We want to stay in attack mode and we don’t want to settle for threes. I thought we did a better job in the second half...we got out in transition. We wanted to attack the basket and put pressure on them.”

On Gavin Skelly’s performance: “Gavin was a huge difference-maker today. He made unbelievable decisions today. I thought he was terrific...Gavin’s one of our best passers. It was one of those games where Gavin was playing great so we just rode it out.”

On the team’s talent: “Since I’ve been here this is the most talented team. We’ve never had this much firepower offensively.”

On the team’s recent road trip: “The guys in our locker room believe we should be 6-0. The reality is we’re not. I want to keep building on what we’re doing. I really like how were playing.”

On Aaron Falzon’s injury status: “He just wasn’t able to go tonight. Not sure yet when he’ll be back.”

On playing Wake Forest on Monday: “I think Wake is a really good team. It’s gonna be a big-time game for us. Hopefully, try to take care of home court on Monday.”

Gavin Skelly

On the team’s slow start to the second half: “I think defensively we started breaking down. We got too cocky with things.”

On his stat line: “I like the blocks and I like the assists. Points will come and go, but assists show that you’re not just trying to get your’s.”

On the team’s goals after dropping two on the road: “Win games. Those are two games that I think we should’ve won. A lot of times last year we were up on teams and in the last few minutes we broke down.”

Vic Law

On the team’s talent: “I think we’re really good. We showed you guys that we’re coming out to compete...We’re all experienced and...we’ve seen a lot of things. Now we’re just trying to build on it.”

On Skelly’s performance: “He did great. He was really clam and poised in the middle.”

On his proficiency from three: “The ball has just been finding its way into the basket. I’m just happy that everything seems to be going in right now.”