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Northwestern-Dayton press conference notes

Chris Collins and Co. were happy after a thrilling victory

On Saturday, the Wildcats survived a furious comeback from the Flyers en route to a 67-64 win. Led by Sanjay Lumpkin’s double-double, Northwestern moved to 9-2 on the season. Here’s what Chris Collins, Vic Law, Sanjay Lumpkin and Dayton head coach Archie Miller had to say following the victory:

Chris Collins

On Northwestern’s performance: “We’re really excited about winning this game because of the respect we have for Dayton...The first 20 minutes...was probably the best half of basketball we’ve played on both ends...To Dayton’s credit, we knew they weren’t gonna give up...We just had to gut out those last eight minutes...Big-time win for us.”

On Dayton’s second-half performance: “You knew there was gonna be some sort of a run...I knew they weren’t just gonna lay down...I really thought we got fatigued...I thought we expended a lot of energy...Every dead ball I saw guys on their knees...I thought their quickness and athleticism wore us down.”

On Lumpkin’s performance: “Sanjay was magnificent. He was awesome. He sets the tone for us.”

On Northwestern’s mentality: “I just think we’re a team that believes we’re good...We come in to games like this thinking we’re gonna win...I love that. That’s what the good programs do...We got a lot better basketball to play.”

Sanjay Lumpkin

On Northwestern’s performance: “We did a great job sharing the ball...We were just playing the right way...They made plays, but we stepped up...It just shows the growth of this team...A lot of guys stepped up, made big free throws down the stretch...This is a great step in the right direction.”

Vic Law

On closing out games: “We knew they were gonna make their push at the end. In games like this last year, we weren’t as mentally tough. We learned from our mistakes.

On the importance of playing in Chicago: “I think any game you’re playing today is super important against anybody. But this was our home game. We’re Chicago’s Big Ten team, and this is the United Center.”

Archie Miller

On Northwestern’s performance: “I give great credit to Northwestern. Tremendous start to the game for those guys.”

On Dayton’s performance: “I thought frustration sort of set in...Credit to our team out of halftime. It’s not easy to go through one of those halves...We were able to fight, and able to make some sort of game out of it...Clearly we weren’t ready to go out of the gate.”

On Dayton’s first-half struggles: “We’ve talked a lot about that...It’s gotta stop...We have not been able to go from first half into halftime without some sort of hole...We just have not been tough-minded against the teams we needed to be...You’ve gotta keep learning lessons and getting better.”