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Northwestern-IUPUI press conference notes

Everyone was happy after the victory

On Tuesday, the Wildcats thrashed the Jaguars 87-65 to win their seventh-straight game and move to 10-2 in non-conference play. Sanjay Lumpkin and Gavin Skelly both recorded double-doubles in the victory. Here’s what Chris Collins, Bryant McIntosh and Gavin Skelly had to say following the win.

Chris Collins

On Northwestern’s performance: “I thought we approached the game really well...I thought we functioned well on both ends.”

On the team’s tendency to play well in just the first half: “We’ve had a little pattern of having great first halves...We’ve really challenged them in the last couple games to keep their foot on the gas pedal.”

On emphasizing interior defense: “We do have bigger wings. When you have bigger don’t get as small as you might think...You still have some size out there to rebound and defend...I hope that will make us a better team down the line.”

On sharing the ball: “I just think that’s who we are...Everybody else has gotta be a function of the offense...We have to share it. We have to spread the wealth. We are not a ‘one-on-one’ team...I think we’re a really fun team to watch when we’re sharing it.”

On Skelly’s performance: “Gavin is a starter for us. We just bring him off the bench...To me, he should be a prime candidate for sixth man of the year in our league...He’s all over the glass, he’s making hustle plays.”

On Lumpkin’s play: “Sanjay and I are super close. I love Sanjay...Sanjay’s a winner. We’re better because we’re on Sanjay’s team. I’m better because I’m on Sanjay’s team...He’s our rock, he’s our soul...He’s just been incredible and I just hope he can continue to play this way.”

On Isiah Brown’s play: “He’s slowing down a little bit now. He was just going real fast for awhile...I didn’t want to rob him of his aggressiveness because that’s who he is...He’s a real important guy for us moving forward.”

On his relationship with the team: “I love these guys. I love coaching this team...I think we’re becoming a blue-collar team...This has been a really fun team to coach.”

Bryant McIntosh

On the bench’s performance: “To be able to come off the bench is not an easy thing to do...For them to be able to step up and fill that void...was huge for us tonight.”

On Lumpkin’s play: “Yeah, he’s hungry for [rebounds]...He’s attacking [the glass] with great passion and drive...Sometimes, I feel like I’m in his way to get the rebound...Him stepping up to this level has been tremendous for our team.”

On Brown’s performance: “I thought he played great tonight...He’s a lethal weapon...He has a great scoring knack. When he slows down, he’s lethal...I’m really happy for him.”

On the team’s performance this season: “I don’t think we’ve had a bad start in any game...I think we’re a little more talented, honestly.”

Gavin Skelly

On the bench’s role: “We love it. We come off the bench with a lot of energy...I think all eight of us could start on this team...Teams don’t prepare for that...I love coming off the bench. It’s awesome.”

On the team’s mentality: “We’re all on the same page with things...We’ve been kicked down before. We’ve been disrespected before...With this group, we’re more mature...In the past, we didn’t want to lose. Now, we’re playing to win...We’re just getting better between every game...We come in with a little cockiness...We used to hope, ‘Oh, we hope we win.’”