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Northwestern NFL recap, Week 16: Siemian eliminated from playoff contention

The defending Super Bowl champions will not repeat in 2016-17.

NFL: New England Patriots at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos were knocked out of the playoffs after a disappointing performance against the Kansas City Chiefs. Only Dean Lowry stands to make a potential playoff appearance for Northwestern’s NFL veterans.

Trevor Siemian - Denver Broncos

Denver’s offense struggled once again at Kansas City, but it was the defense that really let Trevor Siemian down on Christmas. Siemian was inaccurate and only completed 17 of his 43 passes. The Broncos running game was again completely nonexistent against the strong Kansas City front seven and the Broncos could only manage 10 points. With the Broncos’ 33-10 loss to a divisional rival, capped off by a passing touchdown from Dontari Poe, the heaviest man to ever throw a touchdown, Denver will miss the playoffs. Questions about Siemian’s long-term viability at quarterback have, sadly, started to surface. It has been quite the ride.

Dean Lowry - Green Bay Packers

Lowry played 19 snaps on defense and 1 on special teams, but he failed to record a tackle. He won’t care much though, as the Packers defeated the Minnesota Vikings 38-25 to set up a showdown against the Detroit Lions for the NFC North crown in Week 17.

Zach Strief - New Orleans Saints

The Saints defeated the Buccaneers 31-24, putting a serious dent in Tampa Bay’s playoff hopes. However, the Saints were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs prior to the game. Strief played the entire game yet again and protected Brees admirably.

Brian Peters - Houston Texans

Houston significantly helped its playoff hopes by edging the Bengals 12-10. Peters recorded one tackle on special teams.

Ibraheim Campbell - Cleveland Browns


However, Ibraheim Campbell did not play in the game. That’s...actually really depressing. You go the whole season without a win, and then you fail to appear in the game the Browns do win.

Dan Vitale - Cleveland Browns

Dan Vitale played on 12 offensive snaps and had one catch for 15 yards. But don’t let that distract from the fact that:


Sherick McManis - Chicago Bears

Sherick McManis was on 85 percent of the Bears’ special teams snaps in their 41-21 loss to Washington. That’s all.