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Pound The Talk: Northwestern National Signing Day preview podcast

Plus a little basketball...

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Henry Bushnell, Josh Rosenblat and Ben Goren bring the fire on our National Signing Day preview podcast. To begin, the guys take a detailed look at Northwestern's 2016 recruiting class. Josh enthusiastically brings some stats to the table about how good he believes this NU class is, especially given the context in which it came together. Who are we most excited about in the class? Is there help coming on the offensive line and at wide receiver?

We also get into a really interesting discussion comparing Pat Fitzgerald's recruiting philosophy to that of Jim Harbaugh, who has been pulling offers left and right all the way back to his Stanford days. Fitz doesn't do that... but would he if he was at Michigan? What is the relative value of Fitz's set of principles?

Oh, and basketball... The women and the men have combined for 10 losses in a row. There's a wide range of optimism/pessimism when it comes to the men and their five-game losing streak.

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