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Northwestern football signing day 2016 Bingo

Play along as Pat Fitzgerald speaks about Northwestern's 2016 recruiting class.

It's that time of year again as Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald will formally welcome his 2016 recruiting class during a press conference Wednesday morning. Since we've been to these so many times before, we have a pretty good idea of what Fitzgerald may say, barring any utterly unforeseen surprises. So, we put together this BINGO card, for you to play with as you watch Fitzgerald's press conference. Information on how to watch Northwestern's signing day festivities can be found here.

REAL signing day bingo 2016

If you think you've gotten the requisite five connected squares to achieve BINGO, let us know on Twitter.


Here's how our board finished:

signing day bingo final answers

So, we lost. It was a tough one. There are a couple somewhat controversial squares here. The "social media confusion" box explicitly states that it is "college kids' use" that he must be confused about. Fitzgerald was surprised about social media use, but his comment was aimed at parents, not the students. But, Fitzgerald did say the class had a "chat room," which is, like, so 2005 so the "general confusion" part has been upheld. (h/t @RevDJEsq) He also mentioned the success of Travis Whillock and Paddy Fisher at Katy High School in Texas, but did not refer to either as a "winner."

If you think we missed any, let us know.