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Northwestern Women's Basketball Selected to NIT

Northwestern women's basketball will be playing in its third consecutive postseason.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Northwestern (18-16) women's basketball team has been selected to play in the Women's NIT for 2016 as an at-large team. The team missed out on a repeat trip to the NCAA Tournament after going 4-14 in the Big Ten regular season, but capped off the year with a surprising run in the Big Ten Tournament. Northwestern's WNIT record was a bit dicey heading into the Big Ten Tournament, but two wins against the top half of the Big Ten ensured its spot in the tournament.

This is the Wildcats' third straight year playing in the postseason if they accept. Coach McKeown was receptive to the idea of postseason play after the Big Ten Tournament, and Northwestern will likely accept a postseason bid.

Seeding and the time and place of the game will be announced later today.

Senior Maggie Lyon was sidelined for the entire Big Ten Tournament with a lower body injury, but hopefully she will be healthy enough to play in the WNIT and finish out her career on a good note. Juniors Nia Coffey, Ashley Deary and Christen Inman will be looking to continue their good form from the Big Ten Tournament and finish the season strong. The WNIT should also be good experience for Jordan Hankins and Amber Jamison, two freshmen who will likely be called upon during next year's campaign.