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Video: Chris Collins addresses Northwestern players after Big Ten Tournament loss to Michigan

Northwestern suffered a heartbreaking overtime loss to Michigan last Thursday at the Big Ten Tournament. The second round loss ended the Wildcats' season as the program chose not to play in the CBI or Vegas 16 after not being selected for the NCAA Tournament or the NIT. After the game, head coach Chris Collins addressed his players, specifically seniors Tre Demps and Alex Olah:

Here's what Collins said, his voice almost gone, the passion dripping out of it:

"You older guys, man, thank you. Me and my staff will do anything for you guys. What you've done for us these three years, to get this where it is.. you guys were amazing to coach. Amazing to coahc. You guys hold your heads high. Hold your heads high. [To Demps] You're about to become a dad. That's awesome. That's awesome.

"We gotta know deep down inside. We gotta know. It's gotta be a burning fire in us coming in next year. There's gotta be a fire in our group going forward that we've never seen before. Because I promise you I'm going to have it."