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Austin Carr, Ian Park sing national anthem at Northwestern softball game


Northwestern Athletics on Youtube

Wide receiver Austin Carr and interior lineman Ian Park have talents that span further than the football field. The juniors are America's next great singing duet, as evidenced by their performance Sunday at Northwestern softball's Senior Day game against Michigan State:

Simply beautiful.

The rendition clearly inspired the hosts, who put up double-digit runs on the Spartans en-route to a 10-4 victory and a series sweep

It's not the first time the two have sung together; they sang the National Anthem back in March for the student talent show, when Park also teamed up with running back Chad Hanaoka and offensive linemen Tommy Doles and Graham Bullmore.

So next time Austin Carr reels in a key third down catch or Ian Park clears a lane for a ball-carrier, remember that their abilities off the field are quite impressive as well.