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NCAA rescinds ban on satellite camps

Pat Fitzgerald had previously spoken out against the ban.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA's controversial ban on FBS satellite camps and clinics has been officially rescinded, according to an official press release from the NCAA.

Although the Division I Council had passed a vote to ban satellite camps earlier this month, the Division I Board of Directors elected to rescind the Council's decision.

The ban was derided by Pat Fitzgerald and other coaches, and the decision had even drawn scrutiny from the Department of Justice.

"It’s clear that the membership has differing views on this subject, and the Council appreciates the Board’s insights into this important issue," Northwestern AD and chair of the Division I Council Jim Phillips said in the NCAA's press release. "This review will provide an opportunity to identify the most effective ways prospective student-athletes can have their academic and athletic credentials evaluated by schools across the country."

Many critics of the ban pointed out its detrimental effects on student-athletes, especially those who couldn't afford to travel long distances to gain notice from FBS schools. The Big Ten voted against the satellite camp ban earlier this month but was outvoted by other conferences.

"Part of what our job is as college coaches is providing an opportunity, even to those who don't have the financial means," Fitzgerald said earlier this month. "And I'm disappointed that it's gone this way."

With the overturn of the ban, Northwestern will be able to operate its annual satellite camp in Chicago and bring in Group of Five and other FBS coaches to offer scholarships to athletes.