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Pound The Talk: Northwestern men's tennis is rolling, football is practicing, and we're talking walk-ons with Sam Brief

Leon Halip/Getty Images

Ben Goren, Henry Bushnell and Zach Pereles convene to talk observations and takeaways from Northwestern football practice on Saturday. BUT FIRST... a special friend of the podcast joins the show to open up with some men's tennis talk. The tennis team is the best of Northwestern's 19 varsity teams at the moment, is rolling through the Big Ten, and is led by a really strong core of upperclassmen.

Football talk includes some takes on the offense. Is Solomon Vault going to be a difference maker at wide receiver? Is the offensive line going to be any better? Is the offense trending to a more smash-mouth style?

The highlight of the show, however, is Inside NU's own Sam Brief, who joins the show to discuss his outstanding feature on "The Northwestern basketball walk-on life." We talk about the process of reporting the story, and discuss our takeaways from reading it.

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